Lord Prawn salutes McCain’s chips

A chip aficionado himself, long-time restaurateur John Chemaly of the popular Lord Prawn in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, knows what a truly great potato chip should look and taste like. He’s loved chips all his life and has been preparing and cooking them for more than 37 years. The frozen McCain potato chips that he uses exclusively in his restaurant are, he states, truly great chips. In fact, they are the best.

Lord Prawn, established by Chemaly in 1989, is situated close to the Umhlanga beachfront and seats about 140 patrons. Lord Prawn specialises in seafood and a selection of pasta dishes, while also catering for the undiminishing demand that South Africans have for steaks. Chips are offered with just about every item of the menu – because that’s what people want!

Occasionally patronage is unpredictable – with unexpected highs and lows. To pre-empt the unexpected highs, Chemaly makes sure that he always has about eight to ten boxes of McCain chips as backup stock in his freezer. “I never run out of McCain chips,” he insists. In an average week, Lord Prawn will go through up to 12 boxes.

McCain’s potato chips are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art potato processing factory in Delmas, which opened in 2009 and was awarded a Gold Standard Accreditation by global food safety regulator, AIB International. It features ground-breaking technology that involves the application of a clear coating to McCain potato chips, producing the perfect chip that prevents excessive oil absorption and stays crispier for longer, with a longer holding time, enhanced texture, and improved strength.

Chemaly says, “With McCain chips, I am now using less than half the oil I used to with fresh potato chips because the coating ensures that the chips don’t absorb the oil as others do. Oil is expensive and this is a great saving.” This low absorption of oil also means that the McCain chips are a healthier option than fresh potato chips, which is important to many diners.

While McCain chips feature a longer holding time once cooked because of the unique coating, Chemaly tends to favour the ‘straight from the fryer onto the plate’ approach. “We often have positive comments from our customers about our chips,” he adds.

Chemaly maintains that his savings with McCain chips are significant – not only from a time-saving perspective, but also in oil and potato usage, and waste has reduced to a minimum as chips are cooked to order. He adds that the McCain chips are also extremely easy to work with.

For further information on these or other products in the McCain Foods (SA) range, please call the McCain toll-free helpline on 0800 006 498 or visit our Products Page.

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